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—” You’re not fine! That’s why we’re all telling you this! It’s because we all love you.Because we care about you.Why can’t you understand that?! “

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[U-KISS Beautiful songs 4/] = 친구의 사랑 (Love of a Friend)

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Soohyun messing with Kiseop, who is afraid of heights, during their Ferris wheel ride (;-◞౪◟-)
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Matsuoka Rin & Hazuki Nagisa,
Nagisa and Rin's Day Off



Rin and Nagisa having real fun~ ヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ
(Because everyone needs their laugh once in time)

I dont even know what I ship in Free! anymore


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Swimming anime, what are you doing to my life.

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a set of gardener iwatobis! i wanted to draw gou too but i was a loser than kept procrastinating and ran out of time OTL

flower meanings:

haru - camellia: longing
makoto - sakura: kind/gentle
rin - hydrangea: pride
rei - daffodil/narcissus: respect+self esteem
nagisa - free(!)sia: childish/immature

please come to D12 at AX if youd like to buy a sheet of these as stickers!!

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shingeki no office

this is chaos 

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this is what happened

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but just imagine a ghost that no one can see that catches an item thats flying towards someone right before it hits their face but no one can see the ghost so people start to thin k that person can make stuff float around and the ghoST IS SO ADORABLY AWKWARD IT JUST SORTA FOLLOWS THAT PERSON AROUND AND WHENEVER SOMEONE IS LIKE “duDE MAKE THAT PENCIL FLOAT” THE GHOST JUST SIGHS AND PICKS IT UP

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